Zonal distribution of neutral aroma components in flue-cured tobacco leaves

Jian-An Wang, Gai-He Yang, Chun-Xia Li
2018 Phytochemistry Letters  
In order to reveal the formation regularity of glycosidic latent aroma compounds and improve the aroma quality of tobacco leaves in the late growth stage, the dynamic changes of glycosidic aroma components and their mass fractions in tobacco leaves of the same variety in different producing areas (Neixiang and Baofeng in Henan Province; Yuxi and Puer in Yunnan Province; Huili in Sichuan Province) under the same cultivation conditions were analyzed by SDE-GC/MS. The results showed that in the
more » ... e growing period of tobacco leaves: the composition of glycosylated aroma was the same (28 species) in tobacco leaves of 5 producing regions, including 4 aldehydes, 17 ketones, 5 alcohols, 1 lactone and 1 phenols; the total count of glycoside aroma components in tobacco leaves in 5 producing areas increased with the increase of tobacco maturity, which began to increase after 55 days of transplantion, reached the highest value at 85 days, and decreased slightly after 100 days; the total counts of glycoside aroma components of the tobacco leaves in Baofeng and Neixiang were higher than that in Huili; in Baofeng, Yuxi, Pu'er and Huili tobacco leaves, the contents of various glucoside aroma components were aldehydes > ketones > alcohols > others (lactone and phenols), while that in Neixiang was ketones > aldehydes > alcohols > others. At the late stage of tobacco growth, the change trend of the count of various glucoside aroma components was the same as that of the total count of glucoside aroma components.
doi:10.1016/j.phytol.2018.01.014 fatcat:7p5fjk4bubfujlt4uuerzih7wi