Nanoscale Science and Technology (NS&T'12) : Proceedings Book Humboldt Kolleg <2012, Tunisia> ; Tunisia, 17-19 March, 2012 / ed. by Michael J. Schöning ; Adnane Abdelghani

Michael J. Schöning, Adnane Abdelghani
16:25 -16:45: Gas sensing properties of metal decorated tungsten or tin oxide nano-needles grown by aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition, Prof. Eduard Llobelt, University of Tarragona, Spain 16:50 -17:10: Towards a paradigm change -mammalian cells as sensitive biosensor layers for the detection of unexpected toxic substances in air, 10:50 -11:15: 3D integration of low power nanoelectronic devices above CMOS circuits, Prof. Abdelkader Souifi, INSA-Lyon, France (Keynote) 11:25 -11:45:
more » ... voltaic response of InAs/InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots heterostructures intermediate-band solar cell, Maher Ezzzdini, FSM, Tunisia 11:50 -12:10: Optical properties of exciton and acceptor-exicton complexes to explain the origin of ultraviolet photoluminescence in ZnO quantum dots embedded SiO 2 matrix, Dallali Lobna, FSB, Tunisia Tunisia 12:15 -12:35: Relationship between the electronic and structural properties of n-GaAs layer grown on rough Si substrate by molecular beam epitaxy, Bilel Azeza, FSM, Tunisia 12:40 -13:00: Design of optical devices based on hybrid periodic/Fibonacci photonic crystal in the visible and the near infrared domains, Mouldi Abir, ENIT, Tunisia 16:05 -16:25: Design and prototyping of an electric city car in Tunisia, Dr. Ridha Rejeb, Tunisia 16:30 -16:40: Techno-Park of Sousse: State of the art and perspectives, Hichem Turki, Techno-Park Sousse, Tunisia 16:45-17:15: Coffee Break / Poster Session Session 5: "Environment / Chemistry / Bio-polymers / Fuel Cells" Chairman: Prof. Belkhiss Bouhaouala 17:20 -17:40: Synthesis, structural and electrical characterization of doped apatite-like silicates for fuel cell electrolyte, Dr. Adel Madani, FSB, Tunisia 17:45 -18:05: Electrochemical behavior of Pt-Sn/C heat treated electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in direct methanol fuel cells, Sarra Knani, FST, Tunisia Chairman: Prof. Ridha Mghaieth 08:30 -08:55: Nanomaterials applied in medicine, cultural heritage and chemical sensor technology, Prof. Tunisia 11:00 -11:20: Hydrothermal growth of ZnO nanorods by TiO 2 nanotubes template, Benkara Salima, Algeria 11:25 -11:45: Hybrid nanocomposites based on silicon nanowires and conducting polymer for photovoltaic application, Chehata Nadia, FSM, Tunisia 11:50 -12:10: Effect of substrate type on CuInS 2 thin films properties sputtered from nanoparticles synthesised by solvothermal route, Faouzi Ghribi, FSG, Tunisia 12:15 -12:35: Structural and optical properties of FeTe 2 synthesized by heat treatment under tellurium pressure of amorphous iron oxide nano-films, Khaled Ben Messaoud, FST, Tunisia 12:40 -13:00: Scattering elastic wave by integrated nanostructure on mesocopic System 2D, Dr. Rachid Tigrine, University of Mouloud Mammeri, Algeria 13:05 -13:25: AgInSe 2 ternary material synthesized by selenisation of nano-films of Ag and In elements obtained by thermal evaporation for photovoltaic application, Aymen Gantassi, FST, Tunisia 13:30 -14:45: Lunch
doi:10.21269/306 fatcat:aggbcufdsfgyjo6wpxoiz4l2iu