Spectrophotometric determination of Pd(Ii) with P-Dimethylaminebenzylidenerhodanine

Lucia Felicidade Dias, Jorge Nozaki
1999 Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology  
p-Dimethylaminebenzylidenerhodanine in methyl isobutyl ketone was employed as selective and sensitive reagent for the extraction and determination of palladium(II) in metal alloys and rocks. Beer's Law is followed in the concentration range 0.2-2.4 µg.mL -1 of organic phase with a molar absorptivity of 3.0x10 4 L.mol -1 .cm -1 . The detection limit observed for aqueous solution was 0.1 µg.L -1 . The extractions were performed at pH 2.4 and no interference of foreign ions such as Cu 2+ , Zn 2+ ,
more » ... as Cu 2+ , Zn 2+ , Fe 3+ , Pb 2+ , Hg 2+ ,etc., were observed in jewellery alloy and rock sample analyzed. The complex of reagent and palladium(II) was pH dependent and it should be carefully controlled during extraction. Continuous variation and mole ratio methods showed that the complex composition was 1:1.
doi:10.1590/s1516-89131999000200003 fatcat:rqwv7cxsbvhuvgwhx3yduuduva