Effect of fibrolytic enzymes on serum testosterone level and someof carcass traits in Turkish Awassi male lambs

Khalid Dfeek Ahmed
2016 Indian Journal of Animal Research  
The study was conducted to investigate the effect of fibrolytic enzymes in diet of male Turkish Awassi lambs on the levels of testosterone and some carcass traits. The study included 12 male lambs, aged 4 months with an average body weight of 26±0.50 kg. The animals were divided into 3 equal groups with 4 animals / group. The first group (control C), was fed wheat straw ad libtum with concentrate ration in a ratio of 2 % of body weight on dry matter basis. The other groups were provided the
more » ... previous diet of the control group and supplemented with fibrolytic enzymes as 3 and 4g per animal per day for the second and third group respectively. The result showed a significant differences (P is less than 0.05) in the level of testosterone between the 2nd group (3g of fibrolytic enzymes) and other groups. The weights of internal organs showed no significant differences (P is less than 0.05) among male lambs of different groups. Group of 4g fibrolytic enzymes showed significant increase (P is less than0.05) in abdominal fat as compared with control groups. It was concluded from this study that addition of fibrolytic enzymes to the diet of male lambs in concentration of 3g has an effect on serum testosterone and have an effects on abdominal fat in a concentration of 4g.
doi:10.18805/ijar.11475 fatcat:4jmwbcf6f5bylbmnyvy6x23xjq