Effects of Lifestyle, Body Composition, and Physical Fitness on Cold Tolerance in Humans

Takafumi Maeda, Akiko Sugawara, Tetsuhito Fukushima, Shigekazu Higuchi, Keita Ishibashi
2005 Journal of Physiological Anthropology and Applied Human Science  
In the present study, we attempted to clarify the effects of lifestyle and body compositions on basal metabolism and to clarify the effects of physical training on thermoregulatory responses to cold. Basal metabolism, body compositions, and questionnaires regarding lifestyle were evaluated in 37 students. From multiple linear regression analysis, sex, muscle weight, fat intake, and diurnal temperature were selected as significant explanatory variables. In a second experiment, rectal and the
more » ... temperature at 7 different points as well as the oxygen uptake of eight males were measured at 10°C for 90 min before and after training. The decline in rectal temperature that was observed before training was not observed after training. In addition, rectal temperature was significantly higher at post-training than at pre-training. These results suggest that some lifestyle factors affect cold tolerance; in particular, daily activity might improve our ability to control heat radiation and basal heat production.
doi:10.2114/jpa.24.439 pmid:16079594 fatcat:qztfnisbpvd7bnr6kjgkvra2nm