Preparation and characterization of Li1.1Mn204/polymer electrolyte/graphite cell

R Chandrasekaran, S Selladurai, D Kalpana, P Manoravi
1999 Indian Journal ofPUTe & Applied Physics   unpublished
So lid state batteri es w ith lithium and a n in sert ion material as acti ve electrode compo nents and a poly (ethylene oxide) based electrolyte, have prove n to be feas ible altern atives to th e c lassica l secondary battery system s. The so lid state electroc hemical cell Li 1. 1 Mn204 1 PEO:LiC I0 4 1 G raphite was fabricated by sandwiching the thin electrol yte film between th e cathode and anode pellets. This sandwi ch was pressed between suita bl e curren t co ll ecto rs in a spring
more » ... rs in a spring tight sa mpl e ho lder assembl y. The complex impedance of electro lyte and Li 1.1 Mn204 was measured and d isc harge characteristi cs were stud ied for vari ous loads. Also energy de nsiti es we re calc ul ated. Constant current di scharge curves were obtained at several load va lues. The observed e nergy den sity is 47 J/kg for 0. 1 M ohm load. The lithium sa lt conten t of th e pol ymer e lectrol yte is found to decrease at the positive electrode w hil st increasi ng at th e lithium sid e. The res ult s predict th at the critical charge at which the c urves deviate should be in versely proportional to the current.