Comparison between five growth curves used in a public hospital
Comparación de cinco curvas de crecimiento de uso habitual para prematuros en un hospital público

Rebeca Monroy-Torres, Susan Fabiola Ramírez-Hernández, José Guzmán-Barcenas, Jaime Naves-Sánchez
Revista de investigación clínica  
To compare five curves routinely used for growth evaluation in preterm newborns in a public hospital in Leon, Guanajuato, and to identify those with similar diagnosis according to the reference curve (Williams) in order to determine their usefulness in the clinical practice. Analytical, prospective, comparative and cross sectional study in 100 preterm infants, of both sexes, 30 to 36 weeks of gestation without congenital malformations. We obtained the weight and length for their interpretation
more » ... nd to compare the nutritional diagnosis, between five curves routinely used for growth evaluation in preterm newborns: Babson-Benda, Fenton, Jurado-Garcia, Battaglia-Lubchenco and Williams, subsequently, four of the curves were compared against the reference curve (Williams). To analyse the proportions, the chi2 statistic was used. The average age of the preterm infants was 34 +/- 2 gestation weeks, with birth weight 1932 +/- 699 g. When the combination between them were, it was noted that Babson and Benda-Fenton showed similar distribution for the diagnosis of small for gestional age by 50%. Small for gestational age was diagnosed with the Jurado-Garcia, Williams, Battaglia-Lubchenco curves in 43, 38 and 29% respectively. The comparison showed that the curves of Jurado-Garcia and Battaglia-Lubchenco rendered a similar diagnosis, respect to the curve of Williams. According to this study, the curves of Jurado-Garcia and Battaglia- Lubchenco are recommended for evaluating the extra uterine and intrauterine growth of preterm infants.
pmid:20597391 fatcat:pi3cctpjuzg5hi6cdoixd3igum