Estimation of tire–road friction for road vehicles: a time delay neural network approach

Alexandre M. Ribeiro, Alexandra Moutinho, André R. Fioravanti, Ely C. de Paiva
2019 Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering  
The performance of vehicle active safety systems is dependent on the friction force arising from the contact of tires and the road surface. Therefore, an adequate knowledge of the tire-road friction coefficient is of great importance to achieve a good performance of different vehicle control systems. This paper deals with the tire-road friction coefficient estimation problem through the knowledge of lateral tire force. A time delay neural network (TDNN) is adopted for the proposed estimation
more » ... posed estimation design. The TDNN aims at detecting road friction coefficient under lateral force excitations avoiding the use of standard mathematical tire models, which may provide a more efficient method with robust results. Moreover, the approach is able to estimate the road friction at each wheel independently, instead of using lumped axle models simplifications. Simulations based on a realistic vehicle model are carried out on different road surfaces and driving maneuvers to verify the effectiveness of the proposed estimation method. The results are compared with a classical approach, a model-based method modeled as a nonlinear regression.
doi:10.1007/s40430-019-2079-y fatcat:oez437qc75bo7j65dlto3wszne