Sikandar Ali Bhand, Farzana Sheikh, Abdul Rehman Siyal, Muhammad Akber Nizamani, Muhammad Saeed
2018 The Professional Medical Journal  
... Objective: To determine the presenting features and assessment of the neonateswith hypoglycemia along with maternal and neonatal risk factors for hypoglycemia. Subjects &methods: All consecutive neonates with hypoglycemia admitted were included in the study.Demographic characteristics of the mothers and their babies, past medical history and illnessesduring pregnancy especially that, of diabetes mellitus and duration, details of the management oflabour and place of delivery, birth asphyxia
more » ... s well as history of feeding prior to admission. All therisk factors and clinical features were documented. Results: From presenting features neonateswere most common temperature instability 32% of the neonates. Maternal risk factors were asMaternal diabetic mellitus, Intrapartum administration of glucose , Maternal drug uses as: (Betablockers, Oral hypoglycemic agents, Valproate), family history of metabolic disorder and withoutany factors with the percentage 13%, 17%, (15%, 08%, 07%) , 27% and 13% respectively.Neonatal risk factors of the patients were found low birth weight 49%, small gestational age 26%,macrosomia 11%, respiratory distress 32%, sepsis 20%, hypothermia 25%, congenital cardiacabnormalities 4%, endocrine disorder 4%, family history of metabolic disorder 7%, inborn errorsof metabolism 4%, rhesus hemolytic disease 5%, erythroblastosis fetalis 1%, inadequate feeding35% and neonates without factors were 6%. Conclusions: The risk factors associate withneonatal hypoglycemia are, low birth weight, small gestational age, macrodome, respiratorydistress, sepsis, hypothermia and inadequate feeding , and maternal risk factors associate toneonatal hypoglycemia was Eclampsia, Maternal diabetic mellitus, and maternal drug uses
doi:10.29309/tpmj/2014.21.04.2312 fatcat:6gyj2ekvpvfjrhi24di2q2etaq