Liquid-Liquid Distribution of Ion Associates of Tetrahalogenothallate(III) with Quaternary Ammonium Ions

Koichi YAMAMOTO, Mariko ENDO
1996 Analytical Sciences  
The distribution behavior of the ion-association complexes of tetrahalogenothallate(III) ions (TlX4-(X-=chloride, bromide and iodide ions)) with quaternary ammonium cations (Q+) between three organic phases (chloroform (CF), chlorobenzene (Cl-B) and benzene (B)) and an aqueous phase was examined, and the extraction constants (log KeX) were determined. The extractability of T1Xa was TICI4 <T1Bra-<Tlla ; the differences in log KeX between two successive ions were 2.1±0.8 and 2.2±1.5. Among the
more » ... 2±1.5. Among the ion associates examined, the extractability of the extracting solvents was generally in the order B<Cl-B < CF; the differences in log Kex between two successive solvents in this order were 0.4±0.8 and 0.0±1.4. A linear relationship was found between log KeX and the total number of carbon atoms in Q+; from the slope of the line, the contribution of a methylene group in Q+ to log Kex was calculated to be 0.5±0.2. From the obtained extraction constants, a highly sensitive extraction-spectrophotometric method of thallium was developed. Keywords Tetrahalogenothallate(III), quaternary ammonium ion, extraction, ion associate
doi:10.2116/analsci.12.739 fatcat:dgwky45nyfbp3gyeiozcizo73u