The The Arabic Aspectual Marker Qad from the Perspective of the Two-Component Theory of Aspect

Dania Adel Salamah
2019 Journal of Language and Education  
The study examined the Arabic aspectual particle qad within the framework of Smith's Two-Component Theory of Aspect, which views aspectual meaning as a combination of covert situation types and overt viewpoint markers. The analysis, which was conducted on Modern Standard Arabic, revealed that the Arabic aspectual marker qad has a tendency to be used perfectively, but it also has imperfective uses. However, as far as situation types are concerned, the analysis found some variation when it comes
more » ... tion when it comes to the use of imperfective and perfective qad. The findings were also correlated to different constructions in which qad typically occurs.
doi:10.17323/2411-7390-2019-5-1-49-62 fatcat:hihuydoezbdixhkocf3obbriv4