"I'm Ok Because I'm Alive": Understanding Socio-cultural Accessibility Barriers for Refugees with Disabilities in the US [article]

Foad Hamidi, Zulekha Karachiwalla, Maryland Shared Open Access Repository
The number of refugees worldwide has doubled in the past decade. Data shows a large percentage of refugees experience disabilities and mental health challenges, often exasperated by being exposed to violent and inhospitable conditions at different points in their journeys. There is a need to better understand the challenges that refugees with disabilities face in host countries to inform supportive policy, service, and technology solutions. In this paper, we report findings from interviews with
more » ... six experts who serve refugees in the US. Participants described resources available to refugees with disabilities and how inadequate language and cultural support systems create barriers to accessing them. They also identified several directions for structural change, including access to comprehensive insurance coverage, early recognition of mental health challenges, and support for navigating the host country's complex healthcare system.
doi:10.13016/m2ru8z-syfv fatcat:43plmaq6wzeb3pqvv3gcswjraa