Yapraklı Takvimlerde Halk Bilimi Unsurları

2016 Turkish Studies  
Folklore has many functions such as transferring the culture educate, entertain and the like. Infulfilling this function, the use of multiple tools is in dispensable. In the past folklore products were produced orally then transferred in writing, in doingso, the book manuscripts, journals, and many tools were used as the calendar leaves. Once seen as the indispensable part of our lives, the leaf calenders to day are losing their importance. Despite this, leaf calenders survive in our daily live
more » ... sand contain folklore products as they used to. In this study, randomly selected 10-leaf calender dating to 2012 were analysed in terms of folklore content and it has been aimed at revealing the elements relating folklore. Before starting this work, we had estimated that we might come across more and varied folklore elements in leaf calendars. However, after our analysis we found out that there appeared very few folklore elements than we had estimated. In the calenders we analysed it could be said that in most of the calendars religious subjects were given place. So to say, the calenders we used in this study were compiled with the aim of giving religious knowledge. With this study, we noticed that there was not enough work on important cultural information over the leaf calendars of the past century . To us, leaf calendars being the important witnesses of the time are worth examining from different angles. Folklorists should not ignore making comparative studies on the subjects and the changes according to the content of certain calendar of the year or pay close attention to the traditional behavior in the use of the calendar, showing how they benefit from the folklore of different calendars. STRUCTURED ABSTRACT
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.9433 fatcat:zssgnzat3fhdbpaiinqibhneum