Systematic analysis of cell phenotypes and cellular social networks in tissues using the histology topography cytometry analysis toolbox (histoCAT) [article]

Denis Schapiro, Hartland Warren Jackson, Swetha Raghuraman, Vito Riccardo Tomaso Zanotelli, Jana R Fischer, Daniel Schulz, Charlotte Giesen, Raul Catena, Zsuzsanna Varga, Bernd Bodenmiller
2017 bioRxiv   pre-print
Single-cell, spatially resolved 'omics analysis of tissues is poised to transform biomedical research and clinical practice. We have developed a computational histology topography cytometry analysis toolbox (histoCAT) to enable the interactive, quantitative, and comprehensive exploration of phenotypes of individual cells, cell-to-cell interactions, microenvironments, and morphological structures within intact tissues. histoCAT will be useful in all areas of tissue-based research. We highlight
more » ... e unique abilities of histoCAT by analysis of highly multiplexed mass cytometry images of human breast cancer tissues.
doi:10.1101/109207 fatcat:ahr6zg7jkzagjaxji3qfjz4cqu