Expansion of VCSEL-Based Optical Frequency Combs in the Sub-THz Span: Comparison of Non-Linear Techniques

Estefania Prior, Cristina de Dios, A. Ruben Criado, Markus Ortsiefer, Peter Meissner, Pablo Acedo
2016 Journal of Lightwave Technology  
This is a postprint version of the following published document: Prior, E.; Dios Fernández, C. de; Criado, A.R.; Ortsiefer, M.; Meissner, P. and Acedo, P. (2016). Expansion of VCSEL-based optical frequency combs in the sub-THz span: comparison of mon-linear techniques. Abstract In this work we detail our experimental study on the expansion of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) Optical Frequency Combs (OFCs) with different non-linear techniques. For this purpose, we modulate a VCSEL
more » ... e modulate a VCSEL device under Gain Switching (GS) regime to obtain an initial seed comb record in terms of energy efficiency and mode coherence. This seed OFC will be improved adding a non-linear stage to expand this primary signal. The non-linear techniques here presented are High Non Linear Fibers (HNLF), Non Linear Optical Loop Mirrors (NOLM) and Electro optical (EO) Phase Modulators (PM). In this work, we show the different extended OFCs that these techniques offer and we present a detailed comparison of their characteristics, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. We have observed that the obtained OFCs maintain the high coherence offered by the seed VCSEL-OFC. Nevertheless, the optical span, flatness, frequency tunability, dynamic range, energy and cost efficiency or compactness of each expanded OFC significantly vary, depending on the expansion technique used. Our careful evaluation will serve as a reference to evaluate the suitability of each expansion technique depending on the needs or the application.
doi:10.1109/jlt.2016.2594129 fatcat:mdsyo3eygrh7nfuykkj24wdrf4