Jagadish Goulap, Asst Brahma, Professor
2014 unpublished
In the financial situation of India the RRBs has been survival for 36 years. In these years it improves a lot in banking operation. The advances and investments as developed quickly, but the stake of bills might increase under progression. In the beginning, the RRBs have some different principles and rules. In the preliminary decade, these are mainly focused on proved loans to the poor sections of rural region. They also aimed at charging lower interest rates. This initiated the process of
more » ... the process of opening multiple branches in remote and rural areas and they also kept a low cost profile. But the preliminary some banks are faced some losses within a short period of time. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the financial performance evaluation of regional rural banks of India. Specifically, the research aims to analyze the growth and viability of first and second generation reforms period of Indian regional rural banks. The research critically reviewed several literatures purported by different researchers in order to assess the viability of the topic. The research design is descriptive and exploratory in nature. Moreover, secondary data have been used for synthesizing the objectives. The data was edited, classified and tabulated to make it useful and convenient of further analysis with the help of various statistical techniques, Finally conclusion were drawn to confirm the viability of the topic.