SLIA beam line design

J.J. Petillo, C. Kostas, D.P. Chernin, A.A. Mondelli
Conference Record of the 1991 IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference  
The design of the beam line for the Spiral-Line Induction Accelerator (SLIA), a 10 kA recirculating induction electron accelerator that uses stellarator windings to provide strong focussing on the recirculator bends, is described. A SLIA proof-of-concept experiment is in process at Pulse Sciences, Inc., and the design calculations presented are primarily of relevance to that device -a three-bend, two-pass accelerator. Beam matching techniques are described to take the beam from a field-free
more » ... om a field-free diode, through the three-turn accelerator, while minimizing beam envelope oscillations and beam centroid excursions. Simulations of the beam dynamics with ABBY, an envelope code for X-Y coupled, linear focusing systemsl, are displayed.
doi:10.1109/pac.1991.164380 fatcat:se4srclie5bpbf7obmgtg3nkxe