"Kidnapping the Bride"—A Traditional Sasak Wedding Seen in Sesak Cinta Di Tanah Sasak Novel: A Model in Contemporary Indonesian Literature Studies [chapter]

H.D. Dharma Satrya, Faruk Faruk, Pujiharto Pujiharto
2020 Psycho-social Aspects of human Sexuality and Ethics [Working Title]  
This article aims to create dialog of "kidnapping the bride" reality in several studies and to construct the practice in reality. Discussion of "kidnapping the bride" practices in literature and cultural studies of Lombok intends to find contemporary Indonesian literary models of ethnic Lombok. To achieve this goal, this article applies Stuart Hall's representation theory. In literary studies, "kidnapping the bride" is constructed as a critique of nobility. Sesak Cinta di Tanah Sasak novel
more » ... ah Sasak novel construct "kidnapping the bride" as a criminal act. The meaning is constructed by Islamic discourse and tradition (nobility). Resistance to the discourse is what presents a romantic discourse. Romantic discourse, in the novel When Love Takes to Go, is constructed to fight against feudalism and capitalism. Romantic discourse in Opto Ergo Sum is a tradition discourse. The discourse is gathered from different voices, men's and women's voices. Women's voice tends to be strong to the lid of the real world (in Ketika Cinta Tak Mau Pergi). Man's voice rejects integration (in Opto Ergo Sum). Finally, the study of Sesak Cinta di Tanah Sasak and two other novels signifies a model for contemporary Indonesian literary studies. The model can be found by blurring the boundaries between Lombok cultural study and Indonesian literature.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.93697 fatcat:d3pgxcwc5rd5rn3kcvgftingay