The Investigation of Pyrocatechol Electrochemical Mechanism in Presence of Nitrite Ion on Platinum Electrode

Maryam Helmi ,, Ali Mazloomifar ,, Ali Parsa*
2015 International journal of new chemistry  
In this study, the electrochemical mechanism of catechol in presence and absence of nitrite ion, is investigated in phosphate buffer medium (pH=7) using platinum electrode through cyclic voltammetry method in various scan rates. Electrochemical oxidation of catechol showed how quinone has changed to o-benzoquinone and also how o-benzoquinone has reacted with nitrite ion and potential scan rate has effected on.
doi:10.22034/ijnc.2015.19604 doaj:ba5e352301c048f4ac9cf076da7491e5 fatcat:t2wk4li2gzcc3e6duif62aw7ye