Kamu Desteklerinin Tarımsal Ürün Piyasalarına Bozucu Etkisi

Zeki BAYRAMOĞLU, Kemalettin AĞIZAN, Süheyla AĞIZAN
2021 Journal of the Institute of Science and Technology  
Long-term fluctuations in the agricultural sector have been tried to be regulated by public subsidies, and since the long-term effects of these supports are ignored, they have had distorting effects on society and the economy. As a matter of fact, it is the most important debate that food safety, production planning, competitiveness of enterprises, sustainability level and productivity level in the agricultural sector are not at the desired level, even though the plant and animal production
more » ... orts given by the public continue to increase in the last 30 years. Short-term support policies, which are given without considering the indirect effects on the product with insufficient supply, affect the market balance of many products negatively, as well as negatively affect employment, development, natural resources, environment, and social development. For this reason, the main purpose of the study is to investigate the effect of agricultural supports on product markets and to make recommendations for the formation of sectoral and regional support policies as a guiding factor for agricultural production and markets.
doi:10.21597/jist.942035 fatcat:jgnt3dhm5jelxmdsumtbl3pwta