Local studies and touristic potential of the Carpathian toponymy
Краєзнавчо-туристичний потенціал карпатської топонімії

Natalia Dnistryanska, Myroslav Dnistryanskyy
2019 Visnyk of the Lviv University. Series Geography  
The general features of the toponymy of the Ukrainian Carpathians in the context of the diversity of the region and its placement in the area of intercultural interaction are revealed. The origin and distribution of different types of Carpathian toponyms are analyzed. The perspectives of the use of toponymic analysis in local studies and in the organization of tourism activity are outlined. The conclusion is made that the organization of local lore in the field of geographic carpathology by
more » ... carpathology by toponymic method attracts the involvement of a wide range of researchers from outside the institutions and organizations, including teachers, students, and schoolchildren. Тoponymic analysis in regional studies should be carried out taking into account the trends of the course of historical and geographical processes and using the methods of typing toponyms, toponymic zoning and determining the boundaries of the distribution of toponyms of a certain type. The emphasis is placed on the fact that when organizing rural green tourism, field surveys of toponymic features of outskirts of settlements and local population surveys are important for determining the correct pronunciation of place names. Research of the Carpathian Toponymy is one of the methods of local ethnographers' knowledge of the settlements of the Ukrainian Carpathians, the definition of differences between the traditional economy and the traditional culture of Carpathian ethnographic regions, which is relevant for the needs of ethnographic tourism. A detailed description, typing and explanation of the geographical location of the Carpathian place names are of practical importance not only in tourism but also in the context of restoring historical geographical names or making corrections to their spelling. Key words: geographical local studies, tourist resources, toponymy, origin and types of Carpathian toponyms, ethnographic and rural green tourism.
doi:10.30970/vgg.2019.53.10663 fatcat:y5ar2jpgz5dyzoo6lzmr2ofrba