Recent Developments and Results on Double Beta Decays with Crystal Scintillators and HPGe Spectrometry

Alessandro Di Marco, Alexander Barabash, Pierluigi Belli, Rita Bernabei, Roman Boiko, Viktor Brudanin, Fabio Cappella, Vincenzo Caracciolo, Riccardo Cerulli, Dmitry Chernyak, Fedor Danevich, Antonella Incicchitti (+13 others)
2018 Universe  
Recent developments, results, and perspectives arising from double beta decay experiments at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory (LNGS) of the INFN by using HPGe detectors and crystal scintillators and by exploiting various approaches and different isotopes are summarized. The measurements here presented have been performed in the experimental set-ups of the DAMA collaboration. These setups are optimized for low-background studies and operate deep underground at LNGS. The presented results are
more » ... significant value to the field, and the sensitivity achieved for some of the considered isotopes is one of the best available to date.
doi:10.3390/universe4120147 fatcat:cy5kz55wrbdenem4d6g5pd5nq4