A Model Study on the Particle Dispersion and Fluid-Particle Interaction in Slurry of Liquid Alloy and Ceramic Particle

P. K. Ghosh, S. Ray
1988 Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals  
Cold model experiments have been conducted with water and poorly wetting plastic beads to visually observe the role of stirring speed and the size of the impeller on the retention of beads in water. It has been observed that the exposure of the impeller surface from water initiates the incorporation of beads in water and the extent of incorporation is enhanced with increasing exposure of the impeller. The exposure of the impeller starts at a higher speed of stirring for an impeller of a smaller
more » ... peller of a smaller diameter. It has also been noticed that a deviation of these mixing parameters from the optimum level cause either the reduced number of immersed particles or the rejection of the beads and sometimes even the accumulation of the beads at the bottom of the impeller and thereby reduces the extent of incorporation of particles.
doi:10.2320/matertrans1960.29.502 fatcat:736y4mf5x5dmtpjih3tdxyet6e