Toward Supplying Internet Everywhere and Anytime [post]

Ahmed Jawad Kadhim
2021 unpublished
The internet is a common style used to connect various types of networks, sensors and personal devices. Accessing and using the Internet need to permission from an internet service provider (ISP) which needs to pay some amount of money. Internet became for some people like the water and air and need it everywhere and anytime. It can be used in education, business, chatting, etc. Thus, it became as a third lung for the world. Moreover, it works as a backbone for the internet of things (IoT).
more » ... ver, the existed policies of providing Internet for people and IoT are expensive and not efficient in exploiting the available Internet packages. In this paper, a new policy to provide Internet service everywhere (at least in the cities) and any time (IWT) is proposed. It depends on the collaboration concept among users to share Internet account packages with each other to increase Internet availability and utilization. It can determine the time period and the number of allowed devices to connect and use the Internet account of other users. In addition, it determines which user device or IoT sensor should connect at which time depending on the priority. Moreover, it takes the overhead and energy and bandwidth consumption into account. From the simulation results, we concluded that applying IWT can enhance the work of IoT and make the Internet cheaper and increase the percentage of Internet availability.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:lvco3qa6tfaxxgp3fqm7gaccyu