Unlabelled Sensing: A Sparse Bayesian Learning Approach [article]

Ranjitha Prasad
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We address the recovery of sparse vectors in an overcomplete, linear and noisy multiple measurement framework, where the measurement matrix is known upto a permutation of its rows. We derive sparse Bayesian learning (SBL) based updates for joint recovery of the unknown sparse vector and the sensing order, represented using a permutation matrix. We model the sparse matrix using multiple uncorrelated and correlated vectors, and in particular, we use the first order AR model for the correlated
more » ... se vectors. We propose the Permutation-MSBL and a Kalman filtering based Permutation-KSBL algorithm for low-complex joint recovery of the uncorrelated and correlated sparse vectors, jointly with the permutation matrix. The novelty of this work emerges in providing a simple update step for the permutation matrix using the rearrangement inequality. We demonstrate the mean square error and the permutation recovery performance of the proposed algorithms using Monte Carlo simulations.
arXiv:1802.00559v1 fatcat:gohzs3ifx5g5xf4fmm5rlgmbb4