Performance Evaluation of DVMRP Multicasting Network over ICMP Ping Flood for DDoS

Ashish Kumar, Ajay K Sharma, Arun Singh
2012 International Journal of Applied Information Systems  
The Paper evaluates the performance of Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (DVMRP) Multicasting Network with two sources and four receivers, attack by five attackers. Attackers attacked the source 1 in network by ICMP Ping Flood. Here we execute the simulation and draw network throughput between source 1 and source 2, queuing transmission delay and drop out data packets at source 1 for ping packet of size 16, 64 and 96 Bytes for 500, 1500 and 2500 ping packets per second. The simulation
more » ... esults indicate that throughput decreases with the increase in attack packet size and intensity, delay increases with increase in attack packet size and decrease with increase in attacking intensity. Also, with the increase in attack packet size the number of dropped packets remain nearly same for different intensities.
doi:10.5120/ijais12-450106 fatcat:3qrn4pyfsjb5zbzankb6sjlz6i