"Never useful even for the most primitive accomplishments". Murder of handicapped and sick children 1939 to 1945 in the Ueckermünde district hospital
"Niemals auch nur zu den primitivsten Arbeitsleistungen zu gebrauchen". Die Tötung behinderter und kranker Kinder 1939 bis 1945 in der Landesheilanstalt Ueckermünde

H Bernhardt
1993 Praxis der Kinderpsychologie und Kinderpsychiatrie  
During the Nazi era "euthanasia" of the disabled and sick was introduced with the founding of the "Reich's Commission for the Scientific Assessment of Hereditary and Genetically Determined Serious Suffering" August 1939 on 18th. The task of this commission was to organize the killing of physically and mentally disabled children in so-called "Specialized Children's Departments". In the existing literature on the killing of sick children and adolescents, reports of the "official
more » ... l child-euthanasia", organized by the Reich's Commission, predominate. However, independently from the Reich's Commission, many children and adolescents were murdered in the programme of adult "euthanasia". This paper will focus on the latter neglected group of victims, taking the example of the psychiatric sanatorium "Ueckermünde". A large number of participants shared responsibility, during the time of National Socialism, for the murder of disabled and sick children. Various medical specialties such as paediatrics, genetics, gynaecology, administration, general practice, psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry were involved.
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