Structural and Optical Study of Oxygen Irradiated Rare Earth Doped Nickel Ferrite

Reena Dhyani, Lekha Joshi, Pankaj Singh Rawat, Gagan Dixit, R.C. Srivastava, K. Asokan
2020 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
In present work, NiFe 2 O 4 nanoparticles doped with 4% Ce ions were synthesized by chemical route using nitrates of iron, nickel and cerium with citric acid. Irradiation with swift heavy ions can modify the properties of ferrites significantly. Modification depends upon type of ion, energy and fluence used for irradiation. Presently NiCe 0.04 Fe 1.96 O 4 sample was irradiated with 100 MeV O 7+ beam at fluencies of 1×10 12 ions/cm 2 , 5×10 12 ions/cm 2 , 1×10 13 ions/cm 2 and 2×10 13 ions/cm 2
more » ... 2×10 13 ions/cm 2 . All samples (pristine and irradiated) were characterized by XRD, FTIR, Raman and UV-Vis spectroscopy. XRD patterns and FTIR spectra confirmed the spinel structure of sample. XRD parameters like crystallite size, lattice parameter, strain etc. were calculated, which show significant change only at the fluence of 5×10 12 ions/cm 2 . UV-Vis spectra show two direct band gaps corresponding to low and high spin in all samples. Band gap was found to be higher for sample irradiated at 2×10 13 ions/cm 2 fluence in comparison to pristine sample. It is found that irradiation with 100 MeV oxygen affect the structural parameters in random way while optical band gap shows increasing trend with fluence.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1504/1/012016 fatcat:2rgpycenv5actmwfv37ltvywju