Configuration of Network Based GNSS Correction System for Land Transportation Navigation
육상교통 항법을 위한 네트워크기반 위성항법보정 시스템의 구성

Minhyuk Son, Eunseong Son, Eunsung Lee, Moon-Beom Heo, Gi-Wook Nam
2013 Journal of the Korean Society for Aviation and Aeronautics  
In this paper, a configuration procedure of a transportation infrastructure system for GNSS based very precise real-time positioning is proposed. This infrastructure system consists of several receiving station, a central station, and communication sub-systems. The required performance, design, implementation and verification of each sub-system are explained respectively. The required performance can be broken down into accuracy, integrity, stability, processing time. The design of the each
more » ... ign of the each sub-system is performed in accordance with the required performance and each sub-system is built with regard to the design. Lastly the implemented system is verified in comparison with the required performance.
doi:10.12985/ksaa.2013.21.4.017 fatcat:lkcspx3ocjeejn74xpzxe4qwba