Awareness of health care personnel about preventive aspects of HIV infection/AIDS and their practices and attitudes concerning such patients

R S Najmi
The study was carried out at a tertiary care hospital in Lahore to assess the level of awareness of health care personnel regarding various preventive aspects of HIV/AIDS and determine their practices and attitudes while dealing with such patients. Study population consisted of 147 (55.68%) physicians, 82 (31.06%) nurses and 35 (13.26%) paramedics. Most of the participants had awareness regarding prevention of sexual transmission, however there were gaps in their knowledge as to how spread
more » ... to how spread could be checked through the use of screened blood and sterilized syringes and instruments and perinatal transmission. One hundred and twenty three (46.5%) respondents were unaware of precautionary measures to be observed by health care providers while looking after these patients and 140 (53.03%) made improper responses when inquired about their responsibility and practices concerning HIV seropositive individuals and AIDS patients. As a result of misconceptions and ignorance, 108 (40.90%) participants' responses regarding their attitudes towards HIV/AIDS cases were incorrect and improper.
pmid:10531770 fatcat:r22cfjrcqne27kngvtyczjjh3u