SupersymmetricD-Term Inflation andB-Ball Baryogenesis

Kari Enqvist, John McDonald
1998 Physical Review Letters  
We consider the B-ball cosmology of the MSSM in the context of D-term inflation models where the reheating temperature is determined by the Affleck-Dine mechanism to be of the order of 1 GeV. We show that such a low reheating temperature can arise quite naturally as the result of a symmetry which is required to maintain the flatness of the inflaton potential. In this case the B-balls will decay well after the freeze-out temperature of the LSP, allowing baryons and cold dark matter to originate
more » ... atter to originate primarily from B-ball decays.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.81.3071 fatcat:expatdidgvf25pnovjwigal2ny