Etiology of gingival recessions - a literature review

Irena Georgieva
2019 Scripta Scientifica Medicinae Dentalis  
Gingival recession (GR) is a mucogingival defect that can affect all ages. GRs are most commonly diagnosed on the vestibular or proximal root surfaces of the teeth, predominantly in adult patients. GR can be associated with anatomical, physiological or pathological factors -accumulation of dental plaque and dental calculus, traumatic brushing, anatomical developmental defects, mechanical trauma, occlusal trauma, thin periodontal phenotype, orthodontic treatment outcome, iatrogenic factors,
more » ... ous periodontal treatment, abnormal gingivobuccal ligaments and frenulum attachments, extraction of neighbouring teeth, as well as smoking and tobacco chewing habits. The etiology of GR can be a result of various factors and, in most of cases, a combination of several different ones.
doi:10.14748/ssmd.v5i2.5970 fatcat:lj4crh6gazeddk2f2tj5dl2n5u