Iniopterygia : a new order of Chondrichthyan fishes from the Pennsylvanian of North America / Rainer Zangerl [and] Gerard R. Case [book]

Rainer Zangerl, Gerard Ramon. Case
1973 unpublished
ix 45 Iniopera richardsoni, sp. nov 46 Genus Inioxyele, nov 60 Inioxyele ickitei, sp. nov 60 Comparative Anatomical and Phylogenetic Significance of the Iniopterygia 64 References 67 VII ABSTRACT An entirely new group of Pennsylvanian fishes, belonging to the class Chondrichthyes, is described and their comparative anatomical and phylogenetic relations are discussed.
doi:10.5962/bhl.title.5158 fatcat:2yqp2hwd75f3tjtjznuqtcy2xq