Recent studies in phthalocyanine chemistry

A. B. P. Lever, M. R. Hempstead, C. C. Leznoff, W. Liu, M. Melnik, W. A. Nevin, P. Seymour
1986 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Our recent synthetic studies In polynuclear phthalocyanine chemistry are reviewed. The electronic coupling which occurs between the various phthalocyanine units are probed by electronic absorption and emission spectroscopy. Many of the complexes are effective as oxygen reduction electrocatalysts and these studies, carried out with the catalysts as monolayers on ordinary pyrolytic graphite surfaces, are discussed. Under certain circumstances, the cobalt(II) phthalocyanine species will
more » ... ies will disproportionate into Coil) and Co(III) species thereby providing the potential for multi-electron catalysis. The general utility of polynuclear phthalocyanines as multi-electron catalysts is explored.
doi:10.1351/pac198658111467 fatcat:xybhionzz5dizhi5hrpv2o4ee4