Is there someone in the hereafter? Mediumship accuracy of 100 readings obtained with a triple level blinding protocol [post]

Patrizio Tressoldi, Laura Liberale, Fernando Sinesio
2022 unpublished
The accuracy of information obtained by 28 self-claimant mediums related to 100 readings obtained with a triple level of blinding was examined across three indices: percentage of correct reading identified by the sitters, global score of readings and percentage of difference between correct and incorrect information.All three indices showed statistical differences of the intended versus the control readings: correct identification 65%; global score: intended readings, mean = 2.4, SD= 1.5;
more » ... l readings, mean = 1.7, SD =1.2; percentage difference between correct and incorrect information: intended readings, mean = -7.9%, SD = 38.7%; control readings, mean = -27.3%, SD = 38%.Our results using this large sample confirm previous results, supporting the hypothesis that self-claimant mediums are able to retrieve correct information about deceased people without knowing and interacting with the sitters, having access with only to the deceased persons's first name.
doi:10.31234/ fatcat:jsrp6w3hgvesfoeseqerrn63ui