Evaluation Method for the Probability Distribution of the Quality Factor of Mode-Stirred Reverberation Chambers

Luk R. Arnaut, Mihai I. Andries, Jerome Sol, Philippe Besnier
2014 IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation  
An original experimental method for determining the empirical probability distribution function (PDF) of the quality factor (Q) of a mode-stirred reverberation chamber is presented. Spectral averaging of S-parameters across a relatively narrow frequency interval at a single pair of locations for the transmitting and receiving antennas is applied to estimate the stored and dissipated energy in the cavity, avoiding the need for spatial scanning to obtain spatial volume or surface averages. The
more » ... ective number of simultaneously excited cavity modes per stir state, M, can be estimated by fitting the empirical distribution to the parametrized theoretical distribution. The measured results support a previously developed theoretical model for the PDF of Q and show that spectral averaging over a bandwidth as small as a few hundred kHz is sufficient to obtain accurate results.
doi:10.1109/tap.2014.2327642 fatcat:6lcxjled4rdffhnraled2mzqvq