STUDY ON CUTTING OF STEEL COLUMNS IN BLASTING DEMOLITION OF STEEL STRUCTURAL BUILDINGS : Part 1 Control on cutting and removal of H-shaped steel columns by shaped charge
鋼構造建物の発破解体における柱部材の切断に関する研究 : その1 成形爆薬によるH形鋼柱の切断,切除に関する制御

Masatoshi KATO, Yuji NAKAMURA, Akira MATSUO, Yuji OGATA, Kiyoshi HASHIZUME, Kazuo KONDO
2001 Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)  
On the demolition works of steel buildings which reach their durable peri 〔 )d , the blasting demolition method might be very effective . In order to control the demolition of steel buildings safely and surely , it is necessary that the minimum amount of high explosives can be estimated , Theref { )re , as 【 he basic smdy which probes the impact f士acture mechanisms of H − sh 叩 ed steel columns with shaped charges , we prepared the shaped charges , whose design parameters are materials of hners,
more » ... and obtained 1he contrOI of 1he cutting and removal of H − shaped steels through many experiments . And we are based upon the photograph with a high speed camera , measured cutting behaviors and plastic def { )rmatio 騒 s of H − shaped steel columns ,
doi:10.3130/aijs.66.99_1 fatcat:zsqf4qdnh5a5hbjyf3z3zz2ig4