(Un)Forgotten Neugebauer-Le Fort operation. Paramedian closure of the vagina--safe and effective surgical procedure for treating of pelvic organ prolapse in older women
(Nie) Zapomniana operacja Neugebauera-Le Forta. Posrodkowe zamkniecie pochwy-bezpieczna i skuteczna procedurar zabiegowego leczenia wypadania narzadu plciowego u starszych kobiet

Aleksandra Szcześniewska, Marian Szpakowski, Jacek Władziński, Jacek R Wilczyński
2015 Ginekologia Polska  
The aim of the study is to present data concerning Neugebauer-Le Fort operations performed at the Gynecologic Oncology Clinic, Polish Mother's Health Center Research Institute in Lodz between 2000-2009, including the effects of the surgeries on improving quality of life. Our research included all patients (90 women) operated due to total pelvic organ prolapse (stage IV of POP-Q) in Gynecologic Oncology Clinic. The data was collected retrospectively from medical records. Results of the treatment
more » ... ts of the treatment were evaluated based upon surveys and control checkups. The p-value of 0.05 was considered statistically significant. Mean patient age was 76.5 years. The analysis of medical records showed that 35% of the subjects had a BMI index >30. Out of 90 patients, 53%, 30% and 4% of the women had 2, 3, and 4 natural deliveries, respectively whereas 16% had forceps delivery Of the 65 operated patients, in more than 92% all the symptoms connected with pelvic organ prolapse disappeared. Problems with the urinary tract (urinary incontinence 'de novo', urinary tract infections) emerged in 13% and constipation in 5% of the women. As far as improved quality of life after the surgery is concerned, 93% of the subjects answered 4 and 5 (in a scale from 1 to 5). Neugebauer-Le Fort surgery is characterized by high effectiveness both, in objective research and subjective ratings of the operated patients. A high safety profile constitutes a great advantage of the surgery as was confirmed in our study In carefully selected group of patients with stage IV of POP-Q, Neugebauer-Le Fort surgery is a safe and effective procedure.
pmid:25920310 fatcat:p4hyoca2ubhqzkjvbko35bcfei