1897 The Lancet  
450 outlook was hopeless. Dr. Sutherland added suggestions as to treatment. Mr. MCADAM ECCLES alluded to two points of interest to the surgeon in connexion with the menopause: (1) as to operations at this period, and (2) as to whether the involution of the sexual organs had any effect on mammary cancer. Dr. FoRBES-Ross referred to the insanity occurring in the male sex at a period corresponding to the climacteric, and that some derangement of the abdominal organs was associated with the mental
more » ... isorder. Dr. MCCANN said he quite agreed with Dr. Harry Campbell as to the continuance of the menstrual phenomena after the blood loss had ceased, as the discharge of blood might be looked upon as an accidental concomitant of menstruation,
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