Community as developer : a Beasley CLT background report

Allison Meaghan Maxted
This report explores the opportunities and challenges of developing a community land trust model for the Beasley neighbourhood of Hamilton, Ontario as a means of implementing the Beasley Neighbourhood Plan and managing the neighbourhood's long-term development. It is intended as a background study to provide context and a timeline for further research into the financial and legal feasibility of the model. The community land trust model is introduced, including its historical development in
more » ... a and the United States, its key features, size and staffing, uses, and start-up considerations. It is found that the community land trust model is flexible and capable of addressing issues in both strong and weak market communities. In the Beasley context, it is found that the CLT model should be used for enhancing and maintaining affordability, attracting new residents to support businesses, neighbourhood intensification, and community empowerment. Particular areas of the neighbourhood are most in need of attention due to their abundance of underutilised land and importance for the neighbourhood and city's overall revitalisation. It is recommended that a steering group be formed to secure funding for technical research into the feasibility of a Beasley Community Land Trust. An approximate timeline is provided for the first four years of operation.
doi:10.14288/1.0075817 fatcat:w4g3uovacvg7tmz4dgrc5anmaq