A Visual Teaching Aid of Beauty and Usefulness

Charles E. Packard
1952 The American history teacher  
Biology teaching assets will climb with the addition to one's collection of a chart entitled Birds: Natutre's Protectors, compiled and furnished by Church and Dwight Co., Inc., 10 Cedar Street, New York City. Conservation is the keynote of this beautiful production which features 30 of the small copies of bird pictures which this company has long used as a delightful inclusion in its packaged products. The miniatures are from the paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes and portray the following
more » ... l insect and weed-seed eaters: Baltimore oriole, barn swallow, black and white warbler, black-billed cuckoo, bluebird, brown creeper, brown thrasher, flicker, downy woodpecker, crested flycatcher, chickadee, cedar waxwing, black-throated green warbler, kingbird, bobolink, red start, northern yellowthroat, meadowlark, nighthawk, phoebe, purple martin, white-breasted nuthatch, vesper sparrow, song sparrow, scarlet tanager, rosebreasted grosbeak, robin, red-eyed vireo and the red-breasted nuthatch. Nor is this the only biological inducement. Bordering the chart are figures of the larvae and adults of 41 insect pests enlarged sufficiently to form very good means of identification (though not to scale). Twelve colored reproductions of plant fruits and seeds with some in leaf and flower illustrate vegetable bird foods. A North American continent migration route plate, bird home measurement table, and representations of bird bath and winter feeding stations are also found on the face of this excellent wall adornment; bound at top and bottom by a metal strip with eyelet for proper hanging.
doi:10.2307/4438421 fatcat:cughod7jerhptdil5gfdmaxc6m