Trust on Fishpond Farmers Community in Pancana Village of Barru Regency

Firdaus W Suhaeb, M. Rasyid Ridha
2018 Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS 2018)   unpublished
This study aims to explain and analyze the trust that was built in the social relations of Ponggawa-Sawi in the community of farmers of Pancana village. This study is a qualitative descriptive where the determination of Ponggawa and Sawi informants as the main informants were done intentionally as well as some formal and informal figures as the support informants. Data collection techniques are carried out through observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. Analysis of research data
more » ... of research data using descriptive-qualitative analysis. The results showed that, high trust in Ponggawa-Sawi social relations in the community of farmers in the Pancana village was built through a collaborative relationship that was no longer based on familial relations but according to the criteria of Ponggawa, criteria for the Sawi, and verbal agreement. The social fabrication of Ponggawa and Sawi activities based on the norms of reciprocity, solidarity and collective action that apply in the social life of farmers and village communities, and not based on moral norms in the bond of Ponggawa-Sawi relations. The form of processual trust is built through the management of pond land which is no longer based on family relationships, and lending and borrowing, as well as cooperation activities among the Sawi's..
doi:10.2991/icss-18.2018.218 fatcat:4qabdblutfd6npgpl2jjvohi4a