Proceedings of the Suffolk District Medical Society

1880 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
for it, such as the formation of a clot in the heart. In this case the patient appeared to have sunk away gradually, as if from dyspnoea. Dr. Fitz stated that in a case of sudden death during convalescence from diphtheria he had found an extensive fatty degeneration of the heart. The child had so far recovered from the immediate effects of the disease that the nurse had taken the infant out-ofdoors, and on her return the child died immediately after being removed from the carriage. He thought
more » ... riage. He thought that Dr. Nichols's case was rather one of death during the progress of the disease than early in the course of the same, as the pharynx was seen to be coated with an extensive false membrane, which was likely to have required at least a period of days for its formation. Dr. J. J. Putnam spoke of a case of epilepsy in a child, with very numerous fits, in which a moderate dose of bromide of potassium combined with chloral hydrate had proved eminently successful, after large doses of the bromide alone had failed to help. This combination will not suit all cases, but is sometimes very useful. Dr. Bradford mentioned an unsuccessful excision of the hip-joint, where the patient died from shock. The operation presented no difficulty, and though the patient, a girl of ten, was in poor condition, she was not more so than is often seen before successful excision. After the operation the temperature, which had beeu over 100°F ., fell to 96°, and just before death to 95°. The child rallied somewhat, but was unable to retain anything on her stomach, aud died three days after the joint was excised. Dr. Folsom reported a case of general paralysis of the insane. The man was brought before the court for polygamy, and sentenced for a number of years. He was a man of good position and education, and quite fond of his wife. At the state-prison he could not work, because he could not concentrate his atten-
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