Clustering-Based Stratified Seed Sampling for Semi-Supervised Relation Classification

Longhua Qian, Guodong Zhou
2010 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing  
Seed sampling is critical in semi-supervised learning. This paper proposes a clusteringbased stratified seed sampling approach to semi-supervised learning. First, various clustering algorithms are explored to partition the unlabeled instances into different strata with each stratum represented by a center. Then, diversity-motivated intra-stratum sampling is adopted to choose the center and additional instances from each stratum to form the unlabeled seed set for an oracle to annotate. Finally,
more » ... he labeled seed set is fed into a bootstrapping procedure as the initial labeled data. We systematically evaluate our stratified bootstrapping approach in the semantic relation classification subtask of the ACE RDC (Relation Detection and Classification) task. In particular, we compare various clustering algorithms on the stratified bootstrapping performance. Experimental results on the ACE RDC 2004 corpus show that our clusteringbased stratified bootstrapping approach achieves the best F1-score of 75.9 on the subtask of semantic relation classification, approaching the one with golden clustering.
dblp:conf/emnlp/QianZ10 fatcat:qsjsps3wtfga3jgra2q4dqvy5u