The investigation of the air flow distribution swirling by the rotating suction cylinder

A. B. Gol'tsov, K. I. Logachev, O. A. Averkova, V. A. Tkachenko, I. V. Khodakov
The improvement of the local exhaust ventilation consists in the emission and pollution agents' concentration at the electrical power minimum expenses. The using of the rotating exhaust cylinder in the aspiration hoods can result in the reduction of both the dust loss into the aspiration system and the dust aerosol transportation costs in the air transfer ducts. We investigated the air flow velocity distribution near the rotating exhaust cylinder depending on the rotation frequency and vented
more » ... quency and vented air consumption. The obtained results can be applied when the local closed exhaust hoods designing, that is the designing of the aspiration hoods with the dust-collecting chambers.
doi:10.17073/1683-4518-2018-6-56-60 fatcat:4en2itn2ejgubc5meyggwuz5p4