Concentrations and Radiation Hazard Indices of Naturally Radioactive Materials for Flour Samples in Baghdad Markets

2021 Baghdad Science Journal  
In the present work, Uranium ( 238 U), Thorium ( 232 Th) and Potassium ( 40 K) specific activity concentration in (Bq/kg) was measured in five different types for wheat flours that are available in the Iraqi markets. The gamma spectrometry method with an NaI (Tl) detector has been used for radiometric measurements. Calculations of radium equivalent activity, annual effective dose equivalent, external hazard index (H ex ), internal hazard index (H in ), representing gamma index and gamma dose
more » ... x and gamma dose rate in all flour samples were 17.98132 Bq/kg, 0.0100334, 0.04502, 0.04857, 0.06872, 0.125883 and 8.181244 respectively. It is found that the average of specific activity concentration of wheat flour samples for 238 U, 232 Th and 40 K are 7.4564 Bq / kg, 6.27962 Bq / kg and 20.0658 Bq / kg respectively. This study proves that the natural radioactivity and radiation hazard indices were lower than the safe.
doi:10.21123/bsj.2021.18.3.0649 fatcat:klwoew3iwvbc7dfxbnsoy5dz5e