Blob homology

Scott Morrison, Kevin Walker
2012 Geometry and Topology  
Given an n-manifold M and an n-category C, we define a chain complex (the "blob complex") B_*(M;C). The blob complex can be thought of as a derived category analogue of the Hilbert space of a TQFT, and as a generalization of Hochschild homology to n-categories and n-manifolds. It enjoys a number of nice formal properties, including a higher dimensional generalization of Deligne's conjecture about the action of the little disks operad on Hochschild cochains. Along the way, we give a definition
more » ... give a definition of a weak n-category with strong duality which is particularly well suited for work with TQFTs.
doi:10.2140/gt.2012.16.1481 fatcat:7eoqa6uq7fe2xpdx4zvbzwllqi