Alleviating Dirty-Window Effect in Medium Frame-Rate Binary Video Halftones

H. Rehman, B. L. Evans
2012 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  
A video display device having a lower number of bits per pixel than that required by the video to be displayed quantizes the video prior to its display. Halftoning can perform this quantization while attempting to reduce the visibility of certain quantization artifacts. Quantization artifacts are, nevertheless, not eliminated. A temporal artifact known as dirtywindow-effect can be commonly observed in medium framerate binary video halftones. In this paper, we propose video halftone enhancement
more » ... lftone enhancement algorithms to reduce dirty-window-effect. We assess the performance of the proposed algorithms by presenting objective measures for dirty-window-effect in the original and the improved halftone videos. The expected contributions of this paper include three medium frame-rate binary video halftone enhancement algorithms that (1) reduce dirty-windoweffect under a spatial quality constraint, (2) reduce dirty-windoweffect under a spatial quality constraint with reduced complexity, and (3) reduce dirty-window-effect under spatial and temporal quality constraints. Index Terms-video halftoning, temporal artifacts, dirtywindow-effect.
doi:10.1109/tip.2011.2177991 pmid:22155962 fatcat:igadcpwhwfhj7ikfknlg5cjkjy