Learning and inference on generative adversarial quantum circuits

Jinfeng Zeng, Yufeng Wu, Jin-Guo Liu, Lei Wang, Jiangping Hu
2019 Physical Review A  
Quantum mechanics is inherently probabilistic in light of Born's rule. Using quantum circuits as probabilistic generative models for classical data exploits their superior expressibility and efficient direct sampling ability. However, training of quantum circuits can be more challenging compared to classical neural networks due to lack of efficient differentiable learning algorithm. We devise an adversarial quantum-classical hybrid training scheme via coupling a quantum circuit generator and a
more » ... lassical neural network discriminator together. After training, the quantum circuit generative model can infer missing data with quadratic speed up via amplitude amplification. We numerically simulate the learning and inference of generative adversarial quantum circuit using the prototypical Bars-and-Stripes dataset. Generative adversarial quantum circuits is a fresh approach to machine learning which may enjoy the practically useful quantum advantage on near-term quantum devices.
doi:10.1103/physreva.99.052306 fatcat:7ctrtz4xcjf5npstoxreye7wua