Polen Fertility ofVicia FabaL., after Treatments with X-Rays

G. Dimeska, L. Cvetanovska
2010 Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment  
An attempt has been made to examine the fertility of polen from the Vica faba L., after short-term exposure to low dosages of 2 cGy;4 cGy;6 cGy;8 cGy). The material has been analyzed during three consecutive generations M 1 , M 2 and M 3 . Dose-effect dependence was determined at the level of fertility and the morphology of the polen grains (the results are shown in tables in the text below). The irregularities in grain's normal form are result of the irregularities during the microsporogenesis
more » ... e microsporogenesis in all the treatments. The filled grains with generally unchanged shape that differ from the typical ones in volume have been separated from the defective grains with lower vitality. Beside the empty (sterile) grains, a number of triangular grains with considerably enlarged volume have been detected, as well as grains with spherical shape in miniature dimension and in very low percentage grains with polygonal shape, squashed and with wrinkled surface. The decreased fertility of the polen grain and the possible abnormalities in the flower's constitution result with decrease in the total number of plants in the experimental groups especially in M 3 generation.
doi:10.1080/13102818.2010.10817839 fatcat:bm2xhka7ufe7bh57j7257hbhoe